Hey there! This is my miniscule corner of the internet; how neat is that?

This is a place where I can dump most of my character art and share more details about them,
so I like to think of this as a sort of "personal portfolio" of sorts (where I can have a little fun too).

I hope that your time spent here will have been pleasant! If not, sorry about that.

DISCLAIMER: This site is NOT responsive, so things might look strange on mobile devices.


Update Log

8-14-2022: Added to JAUP membership list

8-13-2022: Updated "Character Page" for Noah, Connor, and Dylan

8-7-2022: Updated "Character Page" for Luke; new "Neighbors" have moved in, so go check them out!

8-6-2022: Updated "Character Page" for Tanner

8-5-2022: Added code for "Laplace" button; new "Neighbors" have moved in, so go check them out!

8-4-2022: Added "null webring"; Updated "Cover Flow" page, "Character page" for Dylan, and "Guestbook" page.

8-2-2022: Added update log; updated "About Me" page and Yesterweb webring.